After a long career in print and digital design, I find myself shifting creative focus to contemporary fine arts. Many of the same graphic design principles apply: composition, color, texture, contrast, typography, symbols and mark making. Color, in this realm, is a combination of pigments and additives instead of light and pixels. Materials are physically applied to substrate surfaces with a variety of brushes and tools - no mouse needed.

There is no turning back when painting, no ‘undo’ or “delete.” It is this point-of-no-return that is so exciting about making art. I can paint over what I have done and then scrape to reveal previous layers, but the intentional and the unintentional remain. The free-flow process is ever-evolving and leads to an undefined place, one that lies between idea, experimentation and execution.


Although I have a rough idea about how to proceed with a selected work, the process ultimately takes over and evolves into something quite different as the painting begins to reveal itself. My goal is to create a visual story that contains bold marks, subtle details, richness of texture and unique imagery – with the hope of creating a compelling piece that is enjoyed by the viewer while evoking a sense of calmness, beauty, ambiguity and playfulness.

My physical approach is a combination of controlled intention and spontaneous experimentation. It begins by applying multiple layers of mixed-media material, and intuitively brushing, scraping and sanding to reveal textural subtlety, unexpected color and depth.

The paintings are a variety of contemporary compositions and abstract landscapes inspired by nature and influenced by everyday textures, old weathered surfaces, graphic symbols, typography, color contrast and patterns. They are comprised of acrylics, oil paint, charcoal pencil, dry pigments, pastels, powdered marble, paper and cold-wax medium. 

Currently, I am working on a unique and exciting series of larger paintings that are based on subtle landscapes that will evolve from a gradual build-up of glazing layers and textures. Art evolves. Each day creates new images, new approaches, new directions.